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As you guys may know already, local lipstick has been very hot these days. and let me tell you... I'm a proud Indonesian coz Indonesia has a lot of really good products, from Skin Care to Makeups.

now that lip products are high in demand, many brands made their own style of lipsticks.
Lip on Lip has launched their newest collection "Watercolor Hydrating Lipstick" which are very moisturizing on the lips.

a little throwback from the event, we got to try making lip swatches with guide from Lippielust ka Risa. it was so much fun and we also did unboxing together~
Ka Risa shared her journey of becoming a professional Lip swatcher. Her works are so crazy brilliant ! and she was the first Lip swatcher in Indonesia. because at that time, it wasn't something that you can do for a living.

*at the end of the event, I won best insta story !* yayyy!

now back with the lipsticks. shall we ?

it has a satin finish and comes with 5 shades which is :
- Nude Brown
- Red Plum
- Pink Peach
- Red Velvet
- Pink Blossom

here's the lip swatches ~

as you can see, it's very Satin !
what do you think ?
I think it's very nice, and since it has Avocado Oil extract,  it made it really creamy, glides smoothly on the lips and left no marks. Hands down for the texture :) 

now, many of you asked whether we should apply lipbalm first or not. Well, I think it did a great job to hydrate my lips so, for me, I don't put any lipbalm. but again, it depends on your lip situation. Mine gets dry very easily so lip balm is my best friend. I use lipbalm everytime, everywhere, anywhere. But for the sake of this review, I tested the product WITHOUT putting any lip balm on, to see if it worked on my chappy lips or not. Turns out I'm loving it ! very moisturizing, and it also gives a plump effect to make your lips appear healthier and bigger.

now that you see the colors, I personally think that 5 of the colors doesn't really have a super different colors. I think they're pretty much similar in terms of shades. Just a bit different in tone. some are in yellow-ish undertone, and some has pink-ish undertone.

- ingredients -
it says that it has an Improved Hyaluronic Acid (AcHA) and Nano Hyaluronic Acid for Hydrating, and also Vitamin E and Avocado Oil for nourishing.

The colors are very pretty, but not as pigmented as I thought. But I like it, why ? they would be so pretty for daily use. The colors are amazing if you like natural look. 

is it long lasting ? I don't think so, since it's very creamy and sheer, it still transfer to almost anything, glass, tissue, straw, whatever touches it. But well, again, it's your personal preference. I don't mind touching up after eating, as long as it can keep my lips hydrated.

- the packaging -
as for the packaging, I'm sorry, but for me the blue shade is just not very "pretty". I mean, there are a many different shades of blue which I think would be cool but not this one. But the 3D drops effect ? CUTE !

it's also HALAL certified so it's safe :)

overall score ? 7/10

- price -
they're sold at approx Rp 40.000 only ! CRAZYYY
and they are now available at Watsons, AEON and any nearest drugstore/cosmetic stores

hope this answered some of your questions
you can follow Lip on Lip on instagram : Liponlip_id

thank you for reading !

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