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hello people,
long time no see ;) sorry I've been super inactive here on my blog. I'm currently focusing on my instagram nowadays.

anyway, I'm back with another content that I'd like to share with you guys.

a couple of weeks ago I went to KOSE COSMEPORT launching at Four Season hotel, Jakarta.

so what is KOSE Cosmeport ? it's the Sister of KOSE group premium brand, which is more affordable. presenting products for you, from head to toe.

KOSE Cosmeport has 4 brands, Je l'aime, Softymo, Clear Turn, and Sun Cut.
which is for hair treatment, face cleanser, face mask and suncare.

testing out different products and met my fellow beauty blogger and vloggers

there's talk shows and presentation by the doctor (I forgot the name >.<), and Yuanita Christiani, sharing about her lifestyle and how she maintain her good skin and balancing out her work and her "me time".


here's what they sent me. there's facial foam, sheet masks, shampoo, oil remover, and UV protection
I've tried all of em and let's move on to the review


Bounce and airy shampoo

there are 3 variants of Je l'aime product, Bounce and airy Shampoo, straight and sleek shampoo, soft and moist shampoo. also they come with the treatments as well for each variant.


from the packaging wise, I like it, it's super elegant and that's a lot of product to be honest.
it has a pump that you can use to take out the product. and to prevent the product from spilling, you can turn the pump while pressing down the lid. that way it won't get messy when you pack it on your suitcase, in case you wanted to bring it with you on your travel.


just like it's name, it makes my hair moist and bouncy, it's quite hard to explain, but my hair is kinda oily and dry at the same time, means my root get's oily very quicky the edge is super dry because of the coloring. I had my hair bleached once and I'm telling you that it's not in a good condition at the moment. I kinda regret it to be honest :(

this shampoo, I had no high expectation at all. At first I was like, "oh yeah another normal shampoo". and start using it. And what comes in my mind when I dry my hair is, " woahh, it's quite nice, okay." then I keep using it again and again. And I'm starting to feel like my hair don't really feel that dry as before. Usually when I airdry my hair, it would look super messy, and so ugly, but this, kinda makes it calm and straight. I feel like there's something in it that moisturize hair. I don't know, I'm not an expert about chemicals but yeah I can tell that it made a quite different with my hair.

*disclaimer, I do not mix any other product such as conditioner or hair mask, only this shampoo.
and for the price, well it kinda pricy for drugstore shampoo, but I probably would buy another one in the future. coz I supa like the smell <3


White Mask VD C

knowing that Japanese has a really great skin, I'm curious about the product that they use to achieve their skin goals.

here's what I found, they use so many product, any products that you can think of.
sometimes, a weird one XD

I heard many good reviews about this mask.
and it's everywhere !!
also, it's the number 1 sheet mask in Japan for 12 years already ! crazyyyy !!


it has a slightly watery texture, not that sticky and it has a cooling effect when you first apply it.
the mask is quite big for my face, so it's kinda annoying to have it wrinkled. but it feel nice on skin and leave my skin moist after. one thing that I notice, is that, it dries out pretty quicky, so in my casem I only leave it for like 10 minutes.


I can not leave the house without any sunscreen
and I'm so happy that I get another one from KOSE COSMEPORT !! thank you !
this one has been the number 1 sunscreen in Japan for the past 6 years !

I'm a lil sensitive about sunscreen, I only use sunscreen that are not sticky and CAN BE A GOOD MAKEUP BASE. this is one of the.
because it's a spray, the particle are so small that it can absorb into the skin in no time.
it is also a perfect one when you're on travel. just spray it all over and you're good to go.
it is also a non sticky sunscreen, so you can pun on your makeup on top of it.
I use makeups after I spray it. and it does nothing to my makeup. No smudging what so ever.

also, I'm going to Bali in a few weeks, and I'll be taking this with me during the holiday ! czo you are just to lazy to use sunscreen that are lotion type~

I prefer spray type when traveling to humid places, coz it absorb much faster and much better.


one more product that is very important in my life.
I use makeup almost everyday, my job tells me to wear heavy makeup everyday.
not gonna lie, my skin really need a good cleanser to remove all the gems and dirt during the day.
I do double, even triple cleansing every single day, to keep my skin healthy.
and for eye makeup, I use an oil base product to melt off my eyeshadow and liners.

I used to use oil remover to removes my base makeup, such as foundation, blush, shading and powder. And just like this product is all about. It removes my foundation like magic.
anddddd, it's doesn't feel super oily. That's the biggest plus point about this one.

after using it, I move on to the last step, cleanser.

I've been telling you guys that I'm testing out this product for a week now and I'm going to tell you what I feel about this product.

it is SOFTYMO Hyaluronic Acid, Washing Foam. Number 1 for cleansing category in Japan.
first thing first, I don't have a very sensitive skin, and I have normal to dry skin.

well, thank God my skin are not sensitive, so that I can try out lots of products.
I've been using this for a week now, and it kinda dries out my skin.
but it don't breaks me out !

I can tell if products doesn't suit me, coz the next day it would break me out.

but this one, my skin still looks the same, and I feel like it slightly brighten it up(?) a little bit. Maybe suggestion XD not sure ~
and the foam, OMG, you can even cover your face with it. That's a looottt of foam. I read that foam can clears out pores even more. so, it's good to have many foam huh ?

one thing I don't like, is that it dries me out. not that I can't fix it with moisturizer, but I prefer moisturizing one. I like my skin to look super watery(?) even for makeups, the more dewy the more I like it. so, that's the only thing that I don't like. but overall, it does a good job on removing makeups and dirt.

you guys can buy Kose Cosmeport at Guardian, Watsons, Natural Farm, and nearest Health and Beauty Drugstore

so, that's all for today's post, I'll see you guys on my next one ! bye !!!

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