SENKA perfect white clay beauty gathering [EVENT REPORT]

10:14 PM

It's been a while since I updated my blog. I have a few things to do here and there.
first of all I would like to say Happy Eid Mubarak to those who celebrate.

Senka and Sociolla had a gathering and "buka puasa" together with my fellow bloggers and media.
it was held at Wyl's Kitchen, Jakarta. Also they are introducing the new variant from Senka called "Perfect White Clay".

outfit detail :
- top : @shopatralyka
- pants : @shopatvelvet
- earrings :
- bag : @zaloraid
- block heels : @zaloraid

The event started a bit late, so we had a chance to took OOTD picture first. coz it's important and we need to use the natural light from the sun before it's gone and the photo become ugly (bloggers problem).

So, we took photos and went inside after. The event was started with some words from Ci Hanny from Senka Indonesia. Senka is the number one facial foam brand in so many countries, including Japan, China, and Korea.

I've talked about the other one on my other post. but this one is the new variant that contains white clay which can brightens up your face and removes dirt and old skin. It also has natural silk essence and double hyaluronic acid.
the texture is very soft and glides on smoothly on your skin. it also removes dirt perfectly. The texture feels pretty much the same as the Senka Perfect Whip.
if you haven't read my blogpost about Senka Perfect Whip, click here

you can use the facial foam after cleaning your makeup using oil or makeup remover or micellar water. then you can start making foam with your hand or you can also use their foaming net. then you can gently apply it on your skin and massage it softly. then you can wash it with luke water or with cold water. I prefer using cold water to rinse off any facial foam, coz it will instantly close your pores and prevent any dirt coming in again after. you wanna keep your face as clean as possible right ?
but again it's up to you, coz there are some people who has sensitive skin. and sometimes if they use a cold water to rinse, it will tighten the skin afterwards.

as for the name, it's not a product that can brighten up your face. it is focusing more on evening out skin tone, and clear up your face instead of giving an instant white or changing your skin tone.

during the event, we were told to drew any Japan-related thing on the plate. They gave us a white ceramic plate each. And and we start painting using oil paint I guess. at first I didn't have any idea what to draw. I was so hungry, coz I haven't eat since morning, and it was around 4PM-ish at that point. so I was really hungry and I decided to draw sushi rolls coz that's the first thing that popped in my head. Just can not handle my craving for foods !
so I started free painting with some references from google. haha can't think properly at that time XD
(I want to show you my painting but I wasn't able to find the file ㅜㅜ) I had so much fun doing it. It was so fun to mix colors to get the right color that I want. Thinking it as a challenge for myself. Do you enjoy painting as much as I do ?

and as the time goes by, it's finally time for "buka puasa" and so happy that I got to fill myself. The food there was quite good, I like the "batagor" so gooddd! and it was the end of the event. So happy to see my fellow bloggers before long holiday starts :) thank you sociolla and senka for having me. see you guys on my next post !

from left to right (me, Ica, Stevie, Brancy, Ellen)

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