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have you heard about COSRX ? I'm pretty sure you guys all know about it already.
I'm so happy because it's finally available in Indonesia ! you can buy it Online at or Offline at Watsons(SOON).

It has been the most popular skin care of all time in Korea and in so many countries. To be honest I haven't tried any of their products before. And so happy when Sociolla sent me these. I have heard so many good reviews on blogs and youtube, even my bestfriend! so I was kinda curious and wanted to know is it really worth the hype or not!

COSRX -Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser-

This is a gel cleanser that penetrates deep into the skin for comprehensive cleansing. It contains BHA that supose to gently removes dead skin cells and improve skin texture, tea tree oil that helps diminish blemishes for a clearer complexion, that delivers softer, smoother, fairer skin.

well, I've been using it for a week now, and I can tell that my skin texture has been improving a lot ! I got an allergic reaction on my face while I was in Bali, I'm not sure what cause me to get it. But my skin feels super dry and patchy at some spots. my pores appears bigger and my skin texture is super bad. I was confused why did it become like that.
so at the first day of using it, I didn't really see the difference. it wasn't that visible until my 4th day. my skin feels softer, and the texture becomes so much better. at that point I was like, ohh it really works ! and I keep using it until today, and I've seen improvement day by day. By the way, I'm using it in the morning only. and use another foam cleanser at night. What I like about this product is that, it doesn't makes my skin dry and it really does the job ! and what I don't like is that you still get that soap-y(?) feeling even after you rinse it with water. it feels like the facial wash hasn't clean enough and still on your face. Other than that, it is a good cleanser ! I will give 9.5/10 !!

next is the famous -One Step Original Clear Pad-

it is basically a toner that is packed in a different way. It is a pad that designed for on-the-go emergenices to use conveniently. It is a 70 pieces pads that are soaked in toner. so you don't need to bring pads and toner seperately. It is so unique, I think. Suitable for anyone that are lazy like me and too lazy to bring so many products with me when traveling. mehh...
it is the practical way to use a toner without doing so much effort.

it looks like a usual soaked pad but with a unique design.
it has 2 sides, and each sides are in a different texture. one with a smooth surface and one with a rougher surface which designed for exfoliating.
I think it does a pretty good job when it comes to exfoliating. It removes dead skin cells and makeup that clogged on the pores. so it really cleans up nicely and gives you extra moist !

the before and after 

the last product that I tried is this -One Step Moisture Up Kit-

I love this one ! coz I am a lazy kid, I like everything handy. And this one is suuuupperr handy coz it has 3 different products in one place.
so it comes with the size of a mask pad. so it is super thin anddd lightweight !

it has Cleanser, Moisture Up Pad, even Mask Pack in one place.
just like the name, it is so simple that you can bring it with you everywhere and it'll be there anytime you need it.

first step is the Good Morning cleanser, then wipe your face with One step Moisture pad and last but not least use Holy Moly Snail Mask.

I can just throw it in my bag and whenever I need it I just need to take it from my purse and viola! got your cleanser, toner, and mask pad at once !

specialized for those who likes to travel, and busy and don't really have that time and space to put your skincare. This will be your life saver!

you can buy it at and don't forget to use my code "SBNLABNL" before checking out, coz you'll get IDR50.000OFF for minimum purchase of IDR250.000

hope it's helpful and I'll see you guys on my next one !

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