Maybelline FIT ME Foundation REVIEW

10:55 AM

pict credit : walmart

Having a very smooth skin is a dream to everyone. I know that to have a good skin you must take care of it from the very basic thing. Skin Care. but nowadays people uses makeup to cover their imperfection.

finding a foundation that are a true match for your skin is a bit tricky. And my best is this Maybelline FIT ME Foundation. I've tried so many brand for the past a year. But I always ended up going to this foundation again and again. I think this is probably the best drugstore brand that I've ever tried in my life. no kidding.

I like to use the Dewy & Smooth line, coz my skin is super dry. And since I like to have a minimal coverage for daily basis, this is the perfect one for me.
I know that the coverage is lower than the Matte & Poreless one. But for me it's good enough to cover my redness and to even out my skin tone. I like to leave a few spots to make it even more natural.
The glow that this foundation gave me is so amazing. It makes your skin super healthy and glowing. I like to have some oiliness on my skin to make it look plumper and smooth. I noticed that my skin looks better when it gets a bit of a glow here and there than have it completely matte.

here's the before and after image

before :


as you guys can tell, that the one on the left side is looking dull, in the other hand the one on the right looking very smooth and healthy.

I've worn it to a very humid place and in many situation, raining, to sunny, windy, you name it. And it still looks okay. maybe just a little bit oily on my T-zone area, but, still love the way how it looks when it's combined with my natural oil. if you get what I mean. I know it sounds weird, oil with oil ?!? WTF. nope
that's right, I feel like it gets better after a few hours. It looks more natural this way.

but if you want something that's super powerful to cover up your acne scars or pimples. This might not be the one for you. and for oily skin, you'll find this a bit wet for you. 

pros :
- it looks natural on the skin
- feels light
- good enough to even out my skin tone
- affordable

cons :
- only if it comes with a pump
- medium coverage

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