lip on lip event report + review n swatches

3:37 AM

het guys, it's me Stella and I'm here with another event report and review from last event.

so I got invited to try out new local products which has been very popular recently.
so, starting off with some words from the director of the company, and some product knowledge.

finally found my name, and if you see on the table there were red box which I was super curious about but we couldn't open it yet until they gave us the sign to open it together.

there was workshop by one of Indonesia's top photographer Michael Cools. He gave us his tricks on how to get a perfect flatlay or product shots which was super useful to us as a blogger. Sometimes we are struggling with the lights and product placement. 

So how to get a good shot ? first thing first, you need to find the light, either from the sun or artificial light. The easiest and the best way to get a cool shot is from the natural light which is the sun. You don't need to buy it, it's free and easy to find.
the best time is in the morning around 6-7AM and in the evening around 5-6PM. By these time, the light won't look super harsh in the picture and it'll create a beautiful soft shot.

here's how I took my flatlay picture

hahaha not bad eh ?

anyway, back to the product review...

So, they just launched their matte lipsticks which comes with 5 different shades, Rosie, Peony, Pinkish, Reddish, and Nude. Now, the cool thing about these matte lipstick is that they are made of natural ingredients, including shea butter, coconut oil, Soybean oil, and Jojoba oil which are super good for those who experienced choppy and dry lips. Mine is also super dry and I need to put on lipbalm like every minutes. Cannot live without one !

The lipsticks are full of those ingredients that can make your lips moist and plump. well, in my case, I still need to put on lipbalm in order to use this or any other lipsticks. Just because mine are super super dry. it depends on each person, my friend said that this lipstick doesn't feel dry at all. For me, I still find this a bit dry on my lips, but again, it depends on the people. But, anyway, as long as I put on my lipbalm beforehand, I'm good to go~

and it might be different in every store, but I'm pretty sure the price are affordable and reasonable.
so, a good match for beginners or students XD

I like it when brands gave me cute box as a goodies (super useful) lol

(from left to right) rosie, peony, pinkish, reddish, nude

love the texture, glides in smoothly.
and, my fave is in the color Pinkish. It is such a nice pink color that suitable for yellow-ish skin tone like me.

so here's the swatches on my lips

I hope that it's useful and I'll see you guys on my next one !
 thanks for reading :)


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