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hey guys, it's been a while right since my latest blogpost. I was super busy and currently focusing more on my short tutorials on instagram. If you haven't followed me on instagram click here

so, last week I was invited to Heavenly Blush event that was located at William's Cafe, SCBD area.
the event was supposed to give us the information about the important of consuming yogurt on daily basis. And was focusing on "Greek Yogurt".

it was started with some speech by Ivonne Aryanti the Marketing Director of Heavenly Blush.
she said, PT Heavenlt Blush was the first company that introduced the benefit of Greek Yogurt to Indonesian market.

Dr. dr. Samuel Oetoro, MS, SpGK, Nutritionist explained about the important of consuming Greek Yogurt on our daily life. Greek Yogurt contains lower carbohydrate and sugar, also 2x higher in protein than ordinary yogurt. Greek Yogurt could be eatten as breakfast or snack.

Greece has so many secret to keep the people healthier. Greek Yogurt was one of them. It is the secret to stay full longer. it is healthy and can be your best friend when on diet.

I know that dieting is super hard. (I've been there) and trust me, if you got your goals. you're gonna nailed it! I've lost 9kgs once and it was because I wanted to look nice at Prom (teens... lol) and all I did was I counted what I ate. And I worked out at least 30minutes a day. I dropped my scale from 59 to 50 in about 2 or 3 months. I didn't like veggies, but I knew it was important to kept it balanced. So I ate veggies since then, and I was still eating any foods I like, but the thing was, I reduced my meal portions to half. Half everything, especially rice. I could finished 2 bowls of rice back then. And when I was on diet, I decided to reduced it to a bowl per meal. and up until now I keep on reducing until half portion. well, sometimes I still cheat and eat 1 portion tho. it's okay XD as long as you're happy. haha. but don't overeat ! 

Jennifer Bachdim as the icon of healthy lifestyle added, she never skipped workout and breakfast. Her favorite was Greek Yogurt mixed with some fruits, and her family loved it! I couldn't believe she was mom of two. I mean, her body was goals!! 

the talkshow kept going and it was time to made some Smoothie bowl. got the recipe from the expert Putri Miranti. The theme was "mermaid' so we made a mixed of greek yogurt, banana, maple syrup and a bit of natural food coloring(I forgot the name). Because the theme was blue, the mixture turned out to be blue in color and it was super pretty ! reminded me of the ocean~
and we was given the challenge to decorate it as we wanted. It was super fun to added some colors and textures such as flowers, nuts, almonds, banana slices, strawberries, berries and so on.

first of all, you put on the banana and the yogurt into the blender, and then add some maple syrup. for (you can also add food coloring if you like). And you can blend it all together

For the final touch, you can decorate it with fruits, oats, nuts. anything you like basically. And, here's our team's result. Visual wise, it wasn't bad eh ? haha ! and it was actually tasted pretty good !
honestly I haven't made any smoothie bowl before and now I know how to make one! lol

I'm currently on diet. and I started to ate a bowl of greek yogurt from Heavenly Blush and granola for my breakfast. and my favorites are the strawberry and the honey one <3 they are suuuuper goodddddd !!! and of course I work out regularly, 3-4 times a week at the gym and joined pilates and yoga classes. And I do some little exercise like crunches at home for the rest. My friends said that I'm a gym freak now XD I cannot wait for the next work out session ! now I understand why people loves working out and gym so much.

you can buy Heavenly Blush Products at supermarkets like Food Hall or Ranch Markets.
for more info, check out their website here

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  1. Seru banget bikin smoothie bowl!

    Graciella // @gegeciella