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have you heard about MOS Cafe & Dining ??
it's a cafe located in Plaza Senayan Mall, Jakarta. it is a Japanese cafe that serves Japan cuisine. They finally added a new menu which is "Wagamama Burger" as a celebration of their 9th anniversary in Indonesia.

I got invited by Beautynesia to attend the launch event. The place is so comfy and classy... there are few wines laying on the rack and the atmosphere fells so "expensive".

there were 3 Japanese people that came, one is the chef, one is the manager and one is the head of beautynesia Indonesia. The event was so fun ! we did a few games together, and there were also a picture contest which the best post gets a present. and the one that won was Brancy one of my blogger friend~

there was this challenge that each team should make a burger with any ingredients that we liked. We need to get as creative as we can to win the challenge, but the important thing is that the burger should look good and taste good as well. Which was super hard for my team as none of us can cook well XD~

so at that time, we added a few sauces and I believe Stevie was the one that mixed every sauces available and put it in the burger. Mei also put a big amount of wasabi in the burger. As if it was a jam... LOL (sorry judges)

so, basically we just add everything that was in front of us, and just hoping that it taste good *finger crossed*. so we got 5 minutes to make it, and finally here's the presentation of our burger XD

it's actually looked quite promising though... haha... maybe...
we called it "BOMB burger"
anyway, move on to the judging time... the judges was the 3 guys from Japan and ka Yuri from Beautynesia...

unfortunately, ka Yuri got the BOMB wasabi which makes her eyes opened for a bit. LOL sorry ka...
but the 3 guys were loving the burger ! they said that it's indeed has a BOMB flavour.

here's the salad that I made. and I had no idea what did I put in it...
I just poured everything and mixed everything out.. I'm not a cooker.. so.. pardon me..
but I do enjoy making things... I sometimes helps my sister cook.

the visual waan't that bad I think. at least for me. hahaha. and it's edible !
pretty weird but not bad ! HAH

Mei won the best photo challenge and Brancy won the most likes photo. and 2nd team won the Burger challenge... they got 4 likes meanwhile ours got 3 likes...

the fun thing is, you can customize your own burger, from the protein, to the toppings.
you can also pick the sauce you like.

location :
Plaza Senayan - PLAZA SENAYAN Unit331A, Jalan Asia Afrika No.8, Jakarta Pusat 10270
Blok M - Jalan Melawai Raya No.28, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12160

instagram : @moscafeindonesia

Thank you so much Beautynesia for inviting ! can't wait to see more coming up !

thanks for reading ! BYE !!

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