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yayyy ! more matte lipstick ! these days there are quite a few brands that came out with their own LIP CREAM... from Local brands to international brands... one of them is MAD FOR LIPSTICK

mad for lipstick is a local brand that was found by a young lady that loves make up so much. She was a very bright and friendly person. she's very bold and she wants to make something new, something unusual, that's why the campaign was called "BREAK THE STANDARD". with this sentence in mind, she came up with her new collection, her new shades and perfect for every one of us.

the event was held at The Dutch, SCBD, South Jakarta. The place was quite nice, very chill the food was amaaaazinggg!!! so we was invited to be the first to know about their new look, and new concept of beauty. They changed their logo to something more bold and left bigger impression to people.

there was also a talk show with inspiring women that are finding their beauty definition.
each of us has different perspective and definition of beauty. for most of the people, Beauty is whats on the outside, "oh, she has a beautiful face, pointy nose, small face, full lips, nice body, bla bla bla". Yes, it's true... sometimes we look only on the outside, I admitted that I am also looking at the appearance first before anything else. it takes the first place for us to judge people by how they look. but from time to time, I believe that the real definition of beauty is not about what you look. it's about how you treat people and how you communicate with people. it's about using what you have and believe in your skills and you need to have that confident to be pretty. Believe in yourself is the real Beauty. sometimes, people who work hard to reach their dreams are more charming than people who has a doll-like face but never try and just spend their parents money (no offense).

and that's what I learned from the talk show. they are very inspiring and they are such a good role model for some people, including me. I got inspired by their words. everything doesn't come fast. it's about time. we have our time to shine, you gotta believe it. it's not easy at first but you gotta keep trying until you reach your goals. #MAKEACHANGE

there are so many inspiring people in one place, I'm happy :')
this is one of the reason why I keep moving on, even though the path isn't east at all. I got through so many ups and down. But I do believe in myself that I can do it. slowly but surely :D

that's why the theme of this event really represent me, and so many people. and the little message that they gave us is to encourage young souls to keep moving forward and break the standard.

the lip cream was a success, there are so many colors you can choose, it's available for every undertone. the colors matches my skin perfectly, and the pigmentation is also good. it lasts pretty long. it fades but still there, if you get what I mean... not so drying, and thumbs up for the packaging !

here's what I got from the event...

you can buy it through SOCIOLLA.com
and you can also use my code to get IDR50.000 OFF !! "SBNLABNL" before checking out.

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