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Hi guys ! welcome back to my blog ! I wanna thank all of you who has been keep reading my posts. You guys are the ones that motivates me to keep moving forward and keep doing this.

I was invited by Beauty Journal and DOVE to attend DOVE event at Como Park. The place was really nice, as always, Beauty Journal never fail to impress me when it comes to the venue. Como Park is such a nice place to chill and it's very comfortable. Every corners are photogenic, I bet you'll like the place as much as I am !

Back to the event, so basically that day, we had some kind of activities with our team mates. So, we made a group of 5-6 and we compete with other teams wo win the games.

The first challenge was called "Comment to Compliment" we were asked to react to hate comments on our social media, and we WON the challenge actually~ haha. how can you handle yours ??

and the second one was "How to Me Time". So it's basically the things that you do when you have free time or "me time". For me, I like to watch dramas, so I watch drama or sleep if I have free time. But, I ain't got no time to do it lately... what's yours ?

The last one was "Beauty Through The Ages". In this activity, there was 4 pictures of the most inspirational women of all time. There are Audrey Hepburn, Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, and Radina Said. And we have to picked one person from our era that is also inspirative. My time picked Mother Teresa. And as for the recent role Model, we picked Michelle Phan.

The activities were so useful, I used to think that keeping my skin hydrated was not my main priority.
But thanks to DOVE, I know that keeping it hydrated all the time is the best way to keep my skin looking good and stay healthy.

Once again thank you Beauy Journal and DOVE for inviting. And can't wait for another adventure with more beauty products to discover!

Here's the goodies that I got from the event.
They are all smells so good and super hydrating! the smell last long enough. Actually, I've been using DOVE since long time ago. But I have a habit to change my shower gel from time to time hahahah ! anyway thank you for reading and I'll see you again on the next one ! Adios !!~~

you can see the vlog on my youtube channel YOUTUBE.com

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