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what's up y'all, I'm back again with another event report...
so, two weeks ago I got invited by Beauty Journal to attend an Indonesian brand "Dear Me" that launched their new shades of lip matte...

the event was held at Pand'or, South Jakarta. The place was pretty spacious. And the design was quite elegant. Perfect for those who wants to have a long chit chat or high tea. it was held on the second floor. 

I was a bit late, but thank God, the event hadn't started yet, so I've got some time to took pictures and stuffs. It was attended by my friends and one of Indonesian Beauty Blogger ka RISSA (instagram : @lippielust) she's famous for her perfect lipstick swatches, I swear to God, her pictures are so dope ! they are professional and very neat, I wonder how she did it ;(

as usual, ka Mima was the MC at that time, and she gave us a brief explenation about the products and the brand. And continued by the brand representative... she told us that the main reason why they called it "dear me" was that it reflects everyone's characteristics and personality. so, they have a different range of colors for everyone :) very interesting...

after the explenation, we continued again with a short review from ka Rissa. She said that dear me has a very pretty and pigmented colors. For local brand, it has the quality that we find in foreign products... with a reasonable price of course...

it has launched 8 colors of matte lipstick. From nude to bold... from pink to purple...
 the texture is very creamy pretty similar with other brands our there. and the pigmentation also excellent, some of the colors doesn't suit my skin tone, but I got my eyes on the bold ones *_*

we got to pick 3 shades from 9, and I picked "dear JENNY" "dear KIKI" and "dear MAYA" they are all the bold ones.

here's the swatches, and the packaging...
very pretty and it reminds me of lollipops... dunno why haha..

anyway, back to the event, we got to make our own lipbalm and we customized the packaging as we'd like, they gave us the tools and the decoration, and at the end of the day, they picked one winner. and it was Cynda by the way... XD

the event was so fun, the lipbalm making was the best one, and one thing that I noticed from this was that Dear Me was made with all natural ingredients and it supposed to be good for your lips... let's support local brand guys !!

I think local brands did an amazing job on making the lippie world to the next level

you can buy it through SOCIOLLA.com
and you can also use my code to get IDR50.000 OFF !! "SBNLABNL" before checking out.

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