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hellooo, I'm back with another event report and this time is the launching of local brand called Votre Peau. The brand itself was made in Indonesia with ingredients from France. Votre Peau means "your skin" in French. It was produced in Indonesia with imported ingredients from France. It was made to suits our skin whos living in a tropical country. So I believe that it is very suitable for Indonesian skin as it was a special made with natural ingredients as well.

the launching event was held in a private room at Galeries Lafayette Pacific Place. it was full of beauty enthusiast, including me, media, and my fellow bloggers. The most exciting part of every event is that you can get new knowledge and you get to meet new people in the same industry.
also every event is a little reunion among bloggers. teehee...

the crowd was so big, we were so excited to try the products right after the introduction. The products was introduced by the speakers which was Dr. Kevin Maharis. he's one of the founder and dermatologist at Maharis Clinic, beauty vlogger Suhay Salim, and Mira Monika the head of beauty journal

thanks to them I can educate myself with new things I didn't know before. One of the biggest mistake I did, is to not wearing sunblock indoors. You should always wear sunblock even if you stay indoor.

Suhay Salim also shared her experience after using the kit. before this her skin was breaking out pretty bad, she told us that she did some research about her skin type and she began to look at the ingredients of a product beforehand. She blacklists some ingredients that she think doesn't suit her skin type.

there are 4 types of skin. the first one is of course Acne Prone Skin, Hyperpigmentation skin, Aging skin

so far they have 5 products, and still coming up with new ones soon. All of the ingredients are natural, including Kojic Acid, or Glycolic Acid. 

DERMASONIC is used for spa treatment to cleanse, exfoliate and smoothen your skin. 

VITAMIN C SERUM can moisturize, protect and brighten up your skin. also boosts the collagen production. It can be use to fade acne scars or uneven skin tone.

FACIAL SUN SHIELD is for daily protection from the UVA and UVB (it's a must). I've tried it at the event, and it doesn't feel sticky at all, and it absorbs pretty quick. doesn't leave greasy feeling and very good for daily use.

COLLAGEN BOOSTER is for anti-aging. Argan Oil has fatty acid, oleic acid and linolei acid which can be a good ingredients to smoothen and moisturize your skin.

KOJIC ACID SAKE ESSENCE is a facial mist that you can use all day long, even after makeup. To keep your skin moisturized and fresh throughout the day. You can use it whenever you skin feels dry. just spray it all over your face.

they are opening their store at Plaza Indonesia! you can get free consultation there.

I love how they decorate the tables and the products. The cake they served was soooo good. especially the puddings...

I've used the vit C serum for about 1 week now, and I can totally see my skin look a bit brighter, at least it doesn't look dull. It's quite oily, but I don't mind oiliness coz my skin is pretty dry at night. we'll see after a couple more weeks :)

me with my fellow bloggers <3

and here's my outfit that I wore at the event
was taken by @ellenstephaniee

for the price is quite affordable, you'll get a good amount of products for the price

Votre Peau Face Mist - Rp190.000
Votre Peau Vitamin C serum - Rp220.000
Votre Peau Facial Sun Shield - Rp220.000
Votre Peau Dermasonic cleansing Brush - Rp690.000
Votre Peau Collagen Booster Night Cream - Rp240.000
Votre Peau Sake Brightening Spray - Rp220.000

(the prices might be different depends on the place you buy, the prices I wrote was based on Sociolla website)

you can buy it at SOCIOLLA and don't forget to use my code SBNLABNL at checkout to get Rp50.000 OFF *for minimum purchase of Rp250.000*

to find out more about Votre Peau, kindly check these link below :
Instagram : @votre_peau

this is my first SOCIOLLA event and it was so good! thank you for having me~

see you guys on my next post !

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