Anna Sui Autumn 2016 Makeup Collections Preview + Goodies swatches

7:23 AM

hey guys, today I'm gonna be writing about Anna Sui Autumn 2016's makeup collection preview event + I will be swatching all of the goodies that I got 

first of all, they Launched their new fragrance called Romantica Exotica


Romantica Exotica is this magical elixir that has the power to transport and transform any ordinary day into endless sunshine & summer hapiness.

With the new Romantica Exotica, Anna is taking her love for flowers to Polynesia. it is all about adding a touch of exotic and effervescence to her floral world. With every spray of the fragrance, we could be able to enjoy this powerful exoti energy

for the scent itselfs, I find it very relaxing and refreshing at the same time. 


the box wade made of glass
with turquoise borders, and a soft, subtle light at the center

the bottle is distinguished by its turquoise gradient color on the glass and its gold deco
The cap is metallic in a gold antique finish to emphasize the romance...

the blue color of the juice remids us of the ocean color and all the beauties endless summer has to offer...

a rare combination of art Nouveau, and densely packed flowers that suggest an energy, a radiance about to happen. The pure joy all exotix flowers instill


the tropical freshness of citrus fruits mingles with gorgeous exotic flowers as you relish the salty mist of the clear blue ocean. Rich woods linger for an everlasting memory of romance and happiness...

Now the sun has sets, they took us into these rooms...
each rooms has different themes, they seriously taking the designs into the next level

with "Alice Of Wonderland" kinda theme, the room is very decorative and very glamorous at the same time

these are seriously the cutest makeup preview ever!
like seriously, look at those owls!~

look at the crowds!

met these beautiful ladies at the event
(from left to right) @metharani, @deahamdan, @oliviafabrianne, me, @stellalee92, @rraquel12

these are the goodies that I got from the event

for this pallate, we got to choose 6 colors that we want, so here's the colors that I choose
including blush, eyeshadows, and lipbalm

I believe they were seperated if you wanna buy it

the pallate's bottom's was made of magnet so you can make your own pallette by sticking it one by one

got their compact powder as well

this guy right here has been my favorite eyebrow pencil at the moment, it's so slim and small
and it has a hard texture, which I like, so that you can draw your eyebrows presicely
it is very pigmented and very natural

this one is very blendable, and moisturizing
has light to medium coverage

glowing finish and very natural, very translucent and great for "no makeup" makeup

last but not least, here's the oufit that I wore

thanks for reading and see you on my next post <3 ~~

xx Stella 

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  1. Stellaaa... you explained the perfume so beautifully that now I wish to try it soon... is it youthful or more like, sexy? now I'm imagining the summer vibe and everything when it's actully already autumn here in HK hehehe.

    They prepared the event really well eh?! I'd be sooo happy if I'm invited to a perfume launch and seeing the note ingredients by myself! I'd sniff everything!! hahah XD

    And what you got from the event were..... AAAAAAAAA!! seriously now I'm green with envy hahahahahha. I wish I was there. I always want to try Anna Sui makeup but I don't wanna blindly buy so I need to somehow try them out first, soo free goodies would be so awesome hahahah. I like the concept of the magnet eyeshadow palette too! It's so flexible!
    Sherry, from