PHYTO secret de nuit and PHYTOPROGENIUM shampoo review

2:17 AM

hey guys, so today I'm gonna reviewing some of PHYTO's products that I got from their last event. if you haven't checked my post yet click here

so I received these 2 products, the first one is the PHYTO Secret de nuit, and second PHYTOPROGENIUM Shampoo

Phyto Secret de nuit is a serum basically, you put it on your half-dry hair, and PHYTOPROGENIUM is a Shampoo

so here's the PHYTO Secret de nuit

it says that it's a luxurious replenishing and regenerating night treatment for softer, silkier, shinier hair upon waking. Acting at night, when the hair's ability to repair itself peaks.

so you put it on before you sleep at night and leave it until the next morning.
you hair should feel more soft and smooth.

my impression on this product ?
it's great, but it's a little bit sticky for me.
I personally don't like stickiness
so I don't really enjoy the feeling, especially when you leave it at night

but the next morning ? I feel my hair slightly smoother than usual, but I don't see it gets shinier :(
my hair is pretty damaged from coloring so it's dry and doesn't shine unless I use a hair product after styling my hair.

the point is it did a great job on smoothing my hair, so, thumbs up for that.

the only downside is that I don't really like the texture, because it's a bit thick and sticky
 but overall I enjoy using it!

 for the PHYTOPROGENIUM shampoo

I don't see much difference on my hair, but it does decreased my falling hair which is good thing :)

both bottles are great, although it's a bit heavy, it has a great material, one from glass and one from aluminium which is pretty awesome for a hair products ;)

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  1. great review stel <33

    cheer, michelle ~