10:53 PM

I just went to my mom's hometown in Timore
never knew that it was such a wonderful place, went to a place called Polen and words can't describe how beautiful it was.

look how beautiful it is <3
wish that I could see this kind of sky everyday

when I go travel, I tends to wear something comfortable rather than wearing something uncomfortable. that's why here I'm wearing a simple stripe T-shirt and an overall jumpsuit and a touch of a sunglasses from forever21. 

my grandma's slipper cuz I had no shoes to wear XD~
suprisingly it kinda suited my outfit that day
and it's suuuuper comfortable
unfortunatelly it broke when I went to somewhere else the next day .............. ㅜㅜ

jumpsuit and T-shirt are from Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea

sunglasses from forever21

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  1. Hai stel! Do you mind following me back?

  2. how beautiful it was there; and beautiful you bae xo