REVIEW : Silk Hair Mask

4:25 AM

recently I received a hair product from @balialusmalang (IG)
it's their best seller silk hair mask for damaged hair

my hair is super dry because I've dyed my hair several times, even bleached it once.
it really damaged my hair :(

so here's my hair now

pretty damaged huh ??
so dull and dry

so I tried it and it kinda smoothen my hair a little bit
especially at the end of my hair
I can really feel the softness

here's after I used the product


not a really big difference, but you can see it isn't as stiff as before
what I do is, I applied it onto my hair after using the shampoo and conditioner. Then leave it for a while (around 5-10 minutes) and then I rinsed it off. your hair should feel soft after all

use it twice a week for a better result

overall I like the product, it is worth to try, especially for those who had color their hair before :)
find them on instagram : @balialusmalang

pros :
- love the smell
- I can see the different
- my hair fells soft
- easy to brush

cons :
- I still can see the dryness


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