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hey you guys, I'm so sorry that I couldn't make any post for the past (idk) 4 weeks or so....
I just got so so busy these days with my projects, college life that doesn't easy at all, exams, just everything... it makes me wanna stop the time and just sleep. I NEED MORE SLEEP !!!!! *yea right I'm a sleepyhead HAHA

anyway, 2 months ago me and Olivia (make sure you check her out) got invited by Max Factor to their launching event in Central Park Mall which is located in West Jakarta.

well, Max Factor has been one of my favorite brand when it comes to "long lasting" product. I've tried many of their products such as pressed powder, bronzer, mascara, lipsticks(believe me their lipsticks are the BOMB!) *_*

when the event started, first of all there was this guy from Malaysia(I forgot his name, sorry...) that gave us an explenation about the brand itself and their new products. Then continued with a makeup demo by Iwan Harun (he is super famous, he even did Paula Abdul's makeup!?). they provided us with a bunch of makeup tools and products in the middle of our table, so we could try it for ourself. sadly I already had my makeup on T.T so I only removed my BB cream and applied some products to my eyes. Their products ARE.AMAZING !!! I can't say no to Max Factor(LOVE YAHH) 
especially their lip products, it's very pigmented and they has various color range from light to dark color such as brown and even puple... and I swear to you, it last SOOOOO LONG on your lip. even if you eat someting, it won't come off. so, BYE BYE touch up~~

 ps *I bought this primer hh

 this was the guy from Malaysia

brushed by Iwan Harun

 this one is my fav ! no. 50 JUST ALLURING

anyway, it was almost at the end of the event, they gave us each shopping voucher worth 200k rupiah so that we could use it right away. They also gave us a goodie bag with fulllll of makeups, we each got 2 blushers, 2 lipsticks, and 2 lipbalms YAY! and of course I also used my voucher that day and bought a primer and a powder. And I only need to spent 45k money on my purchase~~ soooo happy~~

a photo with Iwan Harun the makeup artist

and last but not least, Group Photooooo yayy

we made this cute "lip thingy" before the event started hahaha

and this is what I wore to the event

some details~

anyway thanks for reading, I had so much fun playing with make ups and it was such a fun event.
also thanks to Max Factor team for inviting us! def check them out for a good quality products!

find me on instagram : @mariaistella

see you~~~

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  1. Yayy! See you on the next event Stellll <3

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  2. looks like you had some fun and you look so pretty stel <33

    cheer, michelle ~