Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation Review

5:05 AM

hey guys, so, Max Factor will launch their new product on March 2016. which is the new Miracle Match Foundation.

so it says that it will transform your look with flawless, nourished with hydration skin in the perfect shades for you. which means that it comes out with a various shades, so that you can find the perfect one for your skintone. it combines flawless looking shade matching that blurs imperfections and nourishes skin with hydration. Feeling like a moisturizer on application. it is the first from Max Factor to contain a new silicone ingredient that behaves more like a moisturizer and enables high performance blandability with medium coverage

it will enchances the look of your skin for a healthy looking finish and blurs your imperfections. the hydrating formula creates a natural, dewy complexion to your skin. so, it's good for you who has a dry to dry-combination skin. as the result ? A beautiful healthy looking nude, with a blurred finish for skin perfection.

Translucent micas
The formula is enhanced with translucent micas so while the application leaves a medium coverage, the skin is still able to reflect light which gives the illusion of naturally beautiful nude skin – with skin’s natural highlights shining through.
Reduced powders
Reduced powders combined with additional translucent micas give coverage without covering skins natural highlights - skin is not mattified, but nor is it left feeling dewy – it adapts with your skin for a finish that is uniquely yours.
Light reflecting particles
Additional light reflecting particles work to blur unevenness and imperfections for a blurred effect.
Nourishment properties
40% of the formula is made up of skin conditioning agents to nourish skin with hydration – including glycerin, vitamin E and vitamin B. 

it's also the first Max Factor product that contain a new silicon ingredient that behaves more like a moisturizer. it is blendable and it has a medium coverage. it's good for you if you are looking for something that are not too heavy but still has a pretty good coverage at the same time. I personaly like to use a light formula for daily use so that my skin can have some space to breath.

There are 6 available shades in total that cover a global skin-tone spectrum, with the multiple variations of cool and warm providing maximum shade-matching varieties.
 and it will cost Rp 160,000/ product. I think it's a very reasonable price for a product like this. Me myself can't wait to try it *_* 

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