3:16 AM

so while I was in Bali
I've got sponsored to review one of cute resto here in Bali.
"Funny Pancake"

just from the name, it is a very unique place.
the decor looks like a real house with living room and kitchen

there are some dolls and props for you to take pictures
teddy bears all around you <3


Style Haul Gathering in Indonesia : Girl Time with Vloggers

10:09 PM

hello, so yesterday I had a Girl Time with Indonesian youtubers or Vloggers(that's how you call them) at Arasseo Jakarta. This event was organized by Style Haul.

do you know Style Haul ?

StyleHaul is the largest global style community of content creators. The company is home to more than 6100 digital influencers who create style-focused content that attracts more 60 million unique viewers and generates 1 billion views each month. StyleHaul is headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Singapore and Sao Paulo. In November 2014 StyleHaul was acquired by RTL Group, the leading European entertainment network. 

more information about Style Haul ? click here

so, they gathered beauty youtubers all around Indonesia to have dinner at Arasseo Jakarta.
how come I could attend the event ?