Style Haul Gathering in Indonesia : Girl Time with Vloggers

10:09 PM

hello, so yesterday I had a Girl Time with Indonesian youtubers or Vloggers(that's how you call them) at Arasseo Jakarta. This event was organized by Style Haul.

do you know Style Haul ?

StyleHaul is the largest global style community of content creators. The company is home to more than 6100 digital influencers who create style-focused content that attracts more 60 million unique viewers and generates 1 billion views each month. StyleHaul is headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Singapore and Sao Paulo. In November 2014 StyleHaul was acquired by RTL Group, the leading European entertainment network. 

more information about Style Haul ? click here

so, they gathered beauty youtubers all around Indonesia to have dinner at Arasseo Jakarta.
how come I could attend the event ?

actually, a few days before the event, they made a contest between the "fans" on instagram. so they picked up some vloggers which was @michimomo , @dhanaxaviera, @feiboo, @sunnydahye, and @harumips
each of them could bring 1 fan to this event. 
and I've got chosen by ci Michelle(lucky me !! yayyyy!!), so thank you cici !!!! :*:*:* hehehhee

 when I arrived at the location which is at Arasseo(a Korean restaurant). I basically didn't know what to do.... a lady came up to me, I didn't know who she was, but I know for sure that she's not Indonesian because she talked to me in English. she introduced her name. her name is Yan. and I remembered that she's the one that contacted me when I got chosen. she gave me a name tag and she told me to blending in with the others. 

at that time, there were only Yoora eonnie, Dahye eonnie, and ci Fei. luckely I know them all very well, I watched all of their videos  and makeup tutorials on their youtube channel *_* *fangirling*

the first one that say hi to me was Dahye eonnie. and I feel so hyped that night because I finally met one of my inspiration to become a blogger. she was so kind, and down to earth. I told her that I was so hyped to see her (in korean language) and she smiled at me and said "고마워" which means "thanks" in korean and then she hugged me (how sweet~). and then I introduced myself to Yoora eonnie and ci Fei.
they're also very kind and sweet <3

when we were talking to each other, suddenly ci Michelle came and I felt really good to see her because at that time I'm in a really awkward situation LOL.

ci Michelle took a really good care of me at the party. LOVE YOU CI ! <3
and then one by one the vloggers began to come...

finally, the food is coming and it taste so yummmmm !!!!!

while we were eating, I began to have a conversation with them all...
I was sitting surrounded by the korean lines LOL
so I started to use my korean skills nyiahahahahha XD
Yoora eonnie was so surprised in fact that I know what she was saying to ci Michelle and Dahye eonnie XD ~~ she was like "you know what I'm sayin?!" HAHHA

I started to feel more comfortable with the vloggers after a few conversation.

after done eating, we took a group photos together with my camera...
(actually they just stood behind my back when I was trying to take picture with my new friend beside me) haha

sorry for those whos at the back >.< 
good thing the photographer got a good sense and captured the moment when I tried to hold the camera up. *nice timing bro !!!!

with ci Fei *_*

 *lol* whos at the back ?! :p (it's Marsha) !! HAHAHA

korean squad !!

from left to right (Yoora, me, Dahye, Michelle, Fei)

with 유라 언니 (Yoora eonnie) :*

and then 다혜 언니 (Dahye eonnie) popped up ! <3

 *blurred* :p

with ci Michelle <3

selfie time !! :pp (the kind of makeup that I wore)

again with 다혜 언니 (Dahye eonnie) hihihihi

how cute is she <3

with Harumi *_*

all together !!!

 (the girl on the right is Yan)

with the girls <3 <3 <3

look at our craziness XD~

with Marsha <3<3

another group photo with ci Michelle and Sunny Dahye

and here's another pictures that was captured by the photographer

lol at my happy face >.<

so actually these are the pictures that he(the photographer) captured when I was trying to took a picture with the girls hahahahaha XD~~~

once again, WELL DONE BRO !!!!~~~
다 이뻐용~~~~

I covered my face XP

finally, a proper pictures hahahhaa

me : tryin' to be cute LOL following the 한국 언니들 ~~

from left to right : Sunny Dahye, me, Han Yoora, and Minyo ~~~

full body pics with mah fav bloggah <3

group photo with all the members !!!!!!!

that is all !!!!
I wanna thank Style Haul to make this happen
and I wanna thank ci Michelle for inviting me
and to the girls, it is so nice to know you all !!!! let's keep in touch <3 <3 <3

너무 너무 반가워용~~~~ 다음에 또 만나용~~~~~
사랑해 얘들아~~ <3<3<3

see you on my next post <3<3

*spoiler alert !! What's inside StyleHaul's goodie bag*



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  1. Great! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

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    Waiting for you darling!!


  3. huaaaa great post babeeee! you look so much fun with your new friends :D

    SONYA ^^

  4. All these girls are so pretty! You look had so much fun there Stel! :)

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  5. you look so cute, amazing restaurant and outfits :)

  6. Looks like you girls had lots of fun! By the way, what camera were you using?

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  10. lovely! thank you for your visit! i would love to follow each other. I follow you on google+, bloglovin & gfc!

  11. Sounds like a great event and you all look absolutely stunning! :) x

    Viva Epernay ❤