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sorry for not being able to post in a long time... :(

anyway, Diras , Olivia had a chance to compete in a Styling competition "Run For Style vol.2" at Senayan City

actually I should be competing in Run for Style Vol.1 too, but no one tells me -,-

this competition was located at Senayan City Shopping Mall, Jakarta and sponsored by Grazia, Debenhams, Senayan City, The Body Shop, and Femele Daily.

so, basically we were given a picture as a reference for us to pick the clothes from Debenhams.
there were 9 teams that would compete in the competition. each team got Rp3.500.000 maximum budget to spent on the clothes.

the challenge was, we were given a 20 minutes to run and take all the clothes including 3 minutes to change and then run back to the stage again.

our theme was #layers , #matchingcolors and a mixture between fabrics and texture.
in the picture, the model wears 3 layers of clothes. two of them is in a similar fabric and texture, and then the other one is a very opposite fabric and texture. she also wear boots and a sling bag.

so we had a Technical meeting with the team from Femele Daily, Debenhams, Grazia, and Senayan city at 4pm....
but before that, we actually already there at 2pm to take some OOTD pictures kekekekekke XD

and here's the outfit that I wore....

back to the meeting. kkk
so, after the meeting, we actually could start to look around Debenhams to find the clothes until 8pm.
actually, it was very hard to choose the right clothes in Debenhams that might match with the theme.....
bcs there were several Brands that weren't included on the list, and the fact that we couldn't do the fitting on the Model. so we had to think out the size that would fit the model. (actually I was the representive from our team) hahahahha

anyway, we wanted something extraordinary, and out of the box, that would WOW the judges.
so we picked knitted sweater for the 1st layer, and then a vest from a *medium weight fabric (idk what the fabric was) for the 2nd layer. and top it with a knitted coat.

We wanted to play safe, so we decided to pick all of the clothes from only one brand. and luckly they have all the things that we needed !!!!! hahahhaha !! THANK GOD ! it was all in a warm tone. and we remembered that we want to emphasized the "contrasting" fabric. so we picked a black leather short. and finished it with a simple rounded necklace and a Hat.

after we picked all of the clothes, we gathered at Burger King to have a dinner.
after that, we continued to look around. and up until that time, we only spent Rp2.000.000 which was mean we had Rp1.500.000 left.
and we decided to go for a Bag. the Bag coast Rp800.000.....

it was almost 8pm so we went down to the backstage, waiting for the competiton to start.

so start from the first team, until the 9th team go onto the stage one by one. and they count from 3 to 1, that's when the race started. and then we all ran to Debenhams to take all of the clothes and change  right away.
after that, we go back to the stage.

The MC called the teams from first team to the last team. and each of us had to explain about the outfit detail, concept, blah blah blah...
and at the end they choose the 1st , 2nd and 3rd winner. and My team was in 3rd place !!! we were so happy, and we had so much fun during the competition.

it was tiring but it was worth it ! we got Rp 1.500.000 Debenhams voucher, and a goodie bag. most of all, we made a good friends and a nice experience...

I surely will try another competition !! wait for me !!!!! hahahahaha

peace out,

Stella xx

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  1. Congratulations Stella! <3
    You guys totally earned it.. ^^


  2. congrats stellaaaaa :D
    looks like you had a great time <33

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/

  3. thanks llyvvvvv !!! you are wayy more talented than me :***