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Hello ! For those who have been following my instagram, you might already know about my collaboration
 with kira shoppe @kirashoppe
But i just want to talk a bit more about my collaboration ^^~

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What is mariaistella X kirashoppe ??
It's my collaboration with one of Indonesian brand Kirashoppe
Kirashoppe is an online store based in Denpasar, Indonesia
They sell handmade accessories such as arm candies a.k.a bracelets, bag charms, and many more !
Their specialities are bracelets and bag charm. You can also see their designs on their instagram account @kirashoppe
Customize your own design to make it different from other people ! How cool is that ?!
Reasons why you need to buy at Kira Shoppe:
1. They use premium earth stone such as Agate stones, Pyrus stones, Gemstones.
2. It's strong, durable, and the surface feels cool. The color won't wears off, and also won't give you any allergic reactions and is comfortable to use everyday.
3. They will make it as you wish! Talk to them to modify your bracelet and you got your own custom exclusive bracelet!
And Now launching "Beauty and the Beast Collection" 
It contains 2 bracelets and 1 bag charm
Here's some details of the collection

How cute is that ????
For order 

E-mail :

Happy shopping ^^~

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  1. so cute <3 love your blog so much!
    would you mind to follow each other? :)


    1. haiiiiiii ! thanks ! of course ^^ just followed your blog ;)

  2. you are so cute and bracelets are too!

    1. awww thanks ! thank you for visiting ;)

      xx stella xx

  3. so cuteee!! ayoo poto bareng lah :D
    btw followed ur blog pretty.

    1. ayoookkk!!! kapannnnnn hahahahhaa
      thanks ;) followed your blog too darlaaaa :*