Qri's "Sugar Free" Inspired Make Up Tutorial

11:24 PM

I'm back with another kpop inspired make up tutorial !!
T-ara just come back with another great single called "SUGAR FREE" wooohoooo !!!
I really love the whole concept and the make up of course... hahahaha

so I decided to make an inspired look !!

and today, again, Qri's makeup is going to be my inspiration.........

this is the pictorial of it...

ps : i hope you understand kkkkk

1. first, apply your BB cream and then using face powder, apply it all over your face
2. draw your eyebrow, and top it with eyebrow mascara
3. apply this color all over your eyelid

4. using this color, apply it only on the outher part of your eyelid

5. blend all of the colors together
6. again, apply this color onto the outher corner of your eyes *also on the bottom area

7. mix this shimmery white color and this shimmery orange color onto the inner corner of your eyes

8. apply both nude and white color eyeliners onto your bottom waterline

9. line your upper waterline with a black pencil liner
10. using a liquid liner line your eyes and slightly make a wing at the end
11. last but not least apply your favorite false lashes

and You're DONE !!!!!

ps : sorry about the bad quality of the pictures >.<

and also I'm so sorry if you think the makeup doesn't look like hers... hahahhaa
but I'll try my best next time.....

please let me know what you think about this look on the comment bar below ^^
thanks for reading, and I'll see you next time on my next posts ;D bye !!! :*

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