Marina Beauty Days Out goes to Japan : PART 1 (Jakarta, Indonesia to Narita, Japan)

5:46 AM

hey guysss !! sorry I've been so busy with my college assignments >.<
so, today I'm gonna share my trip to Japan...
as you may know, I've won a Beauty Days out to Japan by MARINA, there were also another 4 winners from Jakarta, Tangerang, Malang, dan Bandung

here's the first Part...

so, first of all, we gathered at Saphire Lounge, Soekarno Hatta International airport in Jakarta at 2 PM to have a short briefing, and preparation for imigration, and the flight.

this is what I ate while waiting for the other winners *_* this is so delicious !!

and then when all of us has gathered we finally begun the briefing

ps : this is our tour leader. Mr Yosi
*picture credit : Ollyvia

and there were also 2 Marina's staffs who goes with us and 2 staffs from Fimela

after we finished the briefing, we went in to check in and imigration process
before that, we took some pictures in front of the lounge...

 those are all candid hahahha XD
ignore my derp faces :p

this is what I wore that day

 with all of the winners plus Ollyvia (blogger)

sorry for the blurrryyyy pictures :(

and finally we entered the plane.....

our first flight was to Changi Airport in Singapore and then continued to Narita Airport in Japan

after about 1 and a half hours we landed at Changi Airport in Singapore...

while waited  for our second flight, we walked around the airport

and accidently we met foreigners that just came back from Ternate
they said they wanted to take a picture with us, so we said yes, okayy... they're all so funny hahhaa

and then we continued our flight to Narita International airport, Japan

this is what I ate while in the plane

 Japan from above

finally we arrived at Narita International Airport in Japan

to be continued..... ^^

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  1. Nice photos!


    1. awww, thank you !! :* wanna follow each others ?

      - Stella -

  2. Yuhileh gantung banget ceritanya kaya drama2 korea... Udah penasaran mau lihat jepang kaga taunya bersambung.. wkakakaka...

    1. wkwkwkwk, sabar ya nakkk, hahahhaa tunggu lanjutannyaaaa hohohoohoh

  3. Huahua ga bisa move on dari kisah ini.. :/
    Great, lovely post! xx

    1. sama tasyaaaaa, huhuhuhuhuuhuuu kapan ya kita bisa ketemu bareng lg ? :(