I WON "Marina Beauty Days Out Goes to Japan" 1st place !!

10:42 PM

hey everyone, I have a really great news today !! I won Marina Beauty Days Out Goes to Japan !!!!! 1st placeee !!

OMG !! I couldn't believe that I made it ! it was so surprising when one of the staff contact me and said that I'm one of the winner who are going to Japan.....
I'm speechless. really...

so, I will be going to Japan next month from 11st of Oct to 16th....
I will post the trip here on my blog once I get back from Japan ;) so please stay tuned

anyway, I want to congratulate all of the winners ! great job guys ! and see you all soon in Japan !

I wanna thank all of the judges for choosing me as the 1st winner of this competition. and I'm also wanted to thank those who have been suporting me until today, my friends, pals, parents, sisters, brothers and of course all of my readers... *love you guys* muahhh without you guys I wouldn't be here. and it's finally my turn to make my parents proud of me :')

and for those who still haven't got a chance, don't feel down. keep shining !! remember, you're one in a million ! so stay fabulous guys !! I know you can do it ;D

once again, thank you thank you thank youuuuu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sending lots of love for each one of you !! <3 <3 <3 <3

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