I WON "Marina Beauty Days Out Goes to Japan" 1st place !!

10:42 PM

hey everyone, I have a really great news today !! I won Marina Beauty Days Out Goes to Japan !!!!! 1st placeee !!

OMG !! I couldn't believe that I made it ! it was so surprising when one of the staff contact me and said that I'm one of the winner who are going to Japan.....
I'm speechless. really...


Simple yet Classy

10:25 PM

I'm back with another OOTD after a long time break. hahha
sorry guysss, I've been so busy this days. and of course as you guys know, I'm a Univ student now. so, it means assignments and assignments.... I don't have much time now. but I always think about my blog. anyway, thank God I have a "free" hours now. so, here's my Campus outfit yesterday. haahhaa
let's take a look