Cetaphil Facial Wash Review

2:35 AM

Hey guys,
I'm back with another beauty review
it's going to be cetaphil's facial wash

my face type is combination, not too oily and not too dry

I used to have a lot of little pimples around my forehead, cheek, and a little bit on my chin.
i've tried so many different types of facial washes. And none of them actually works for my face until i heard about this facial wash called cetaphil.

i've got so many reviews about it. some of them are bad and most of them are good reviews.
so, I thought should I try it or not. And I decided to try it. And my first impression is.....

i've been using it for about 2 months now. and it really does a pretty good job !
I can see my pores thighten a little bit. And my skin feels a lot softer tahn before.
it's kinda surprise me actually...
Because, at first, I didn't expect too much from this product
but it turns out really well !!
and now I can see my pimples are slowly dissapear one by one.
overall, I'm quite happy using this product

anyway, for the packaging, it really annoys me, because it's pretty pricey but it doesn't has a nice packaging. it was made from a plastic bottle. so, it kinda has a "cheap" feels.

repurchase ? maybe, but I'd like to try out another products bcs, I really like to try something new. hahahahahha ^^

pros :
-thighten pores
-smoothen skin
-does a great job for sensitive skin
-good for acne skin
-doesn't have a strong smell

cons :
-the packaging leaves a "cheap" feels. bcs, it was made from plastic.
-too expensive

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  1. it's a bit expensive one! dan kayaknya cuma bisa dipake kurang dari 2 bulan yaa u.u
    btw blog kamu menarik banget, jangan lupa mampir ke blog ku ya ;)


    1. Hi dear, yes it's a bit expensive >.<
      Wahh, I'm glad that you like my posts ! Thank youu xx