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Maybelline FIT ME Foundation REVIEW

10:55 AM

pict credit : walmart

Having a very smooth skin is a dream to everyone. I know that to have a good skin you must take care of it from the very basic thing. Skin Care. but nowadays people uses makeup to cover their imperfection.

finding a foundation that are a true match for your skin is a bit tricky. And my best is this Maybelline FIT ME Foundation. I've tried so many brand for the past a year. But I always ended up going to this foundation again and again. I think this is probably the best drugstore brand that I've ever tried in my life. no kidding.


lip on lip event report + review n swatches

3:37 AM

het guys, it's me Stella and I'm here with another event report and review from last event.

so I got invited to try out new local products which has been very popular recently.
so, starting off with some words from the director of the company, and some product knowledge.


Teatox n Co Experience [BAHASA]

10:02 AM

hi guys, it's me again...

and I'm here to tell you about my detox story...
aku tulis pake bahasa ya, supaya gampang ngomongnya hehe...

aku mulai nyobain detox tea ini dari 2 minggu yang lalu. Di dalamnya ada 2 macam teh, yang satu untuk diminum pagi dan yang satu lagi di minum malam sebelum tidur.


Kiehl's Powerful-Strength-Line-Reducing Concentrate REVIEW [BAHASA]

1:56 AM

hi guys, 

hari ini aku mau review tentang produk yang baru baru ini aku cobain. Kalian semua pasti udah kenal banget dengan brand Kiehl's ? Kiehl's adalah salah satu brand yang mengeluarkan produk yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan penggunanya. Produk-produk kiehl's sudah terkenal dengan kualitas dan keefektifannya. Aku sendiri sudah pernah mencoba beberapa produk dari Kiehl's sebelumnya dan aku suka banget ! walaupun harganya bisa dibilang tidak murah. tapi kualitasnya sepadan dengan harganya :)

nahh, aku baru-baru ini mencoba produk dari Kiehl's lagi yang sebelumnya belum pernah aku coba. Yaitu Powerful-Strength-Line-Reducing Concentrate yang merupakan serum yang dapat menyamarkan garis-garis halus pada kulit wajah, mencerahkan wajah, memperbaiki tekstur kulit wajah, dan menyamarkan kerutan. 

apakah aku akan cocok juga ?
we'll see...



1:59 AM

hey guys, it's been a while right since my latest blogpost. I was super busy and currently focusing more on my short tutorials on instagram. If you haven't followed me on instagram click here

so, last week I was invited to Heavenly Blush event that was located at William's Cafe, SCBD area.
the event was supposed to give us the information about the important of consuming yogurt on daily basis. And was focusing on "Greek Yogurt".

it was started with some speech by Ivonne Aryanti the Marketing Director of Heavenly Blush.
she said, PT Heavenlt Blush was the first company that introduced the benefit of Greek Yogurt to Indonesian market.