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I'm here with a new products to be reviewed

so, not so long ago, I was invited to Eau Thermale Avene's review

I personaly know Avene through my aunty, she has been using Avene's Spring Water Spray for years!!!

so when clozette invited me to go, I easily said YES!

I was late, coz I got another event beforehand

so when I got there, it they were already doing the makeup demo by Jerry Pravda
and the model was a singer-songwriter RADHINI
she was so pretty and I looovveeee her voice!

with my fellow bloggers~

and here's my outfit for the event,

I'm wearing a white wide pants paired with a white blouse
and a black boots

for the accessories, I only wear a simple choker and a simple gold earrings

so let's move on to the review, shall we ?

so, here's what I got from the event

- AVENE Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water
- AVENE Eau Thermale Sunblock SPF 50
- AVENE Eau Thermale Micellar Lotion
- AVENE Eau Thermale Cold Cream Lip Balm

AVENE Eau Thermale Sunblock SPF 50

it is one of the most popular and the most favorable by people who has a sensitive skin
it has SPF 50 and it protect your face from UVA and UVB

apart from being able to protect your skin, it also has a pinkish color to it, so that you can wear it without a foundation but still keep your skin looking flawless

it's a cool tone, so probably won't fit people who has a warm undertone (like me)

it's has a non chemical ingredients, so it's super gentle and it's good for sensitive skin, even babies can use it~

the product itself is so gentle, and very easy to blend, but it leaves you a white cast, I don't know if that happened because my skintone doesn't match with the color, but it's just not a match for me :/
too bad it only comes in 1 shade :(

it does moisturized your skin, so I don't recommend using a moisturizer before applying the sunblock cause you will look oily throughout the day

it has a high SPF so your skin will be protected from the UVA UVB <3
(I love sunblock that has a high SPFs)

AVENE Eau Thermale Cold Cream Lip Balm

I absolutely love this product,
it's one of my favorites at the moment (besides the A'pieu one)

you guys probably never saw me waring a matte lipstick before coz I have a chapped lips and it does not look cute at all!

my lips get dry very easily, so I have to apply a lipbalm every few minutes

even the famous Vaseline doesn't change my cracked lips *heok*

for me, a good lipbalm should moisturize my lips even after I wake up in the morning
and surprise surprise!!, Avene's lip balm does that! BAMMM!!!

I usually apply it before I go to sleep, and the next morning when I wake up, my lips still feel moist and soft! <3

I even apply it before I work out, cause my lips tends to get dry when I'm working out~ hmm

AVENE Eau Thermale Micellar Lotion

well, for me, in my case, I don't usually use micellar water or lotion to clean my face, I only use a lip and eye remover from Maybelline, and that's it. after that I straight on to facial wash.

I'm not a big fan of this micellar lotion in particular, coz it actually breaks me out. not much but, my face is not that sensitive and it reacts really fast if something is not right.

so usually when I try a new skin care product, I can actually see if it's right for my skin or not.
it work super fast, like if I try it this night, then I can probably see the result right away in the next morning

if it's not for my skin, then a small bumps will pop up. not much, only 1~3.

so if that happen, it means it's not the right product for me, and I will stop using it

apparently this product did that to my skin. The next morning after I applied it, I could see a small bump on my forehead :/
so I just stopped using it right away

well, it depends on your skin, it might not work for me, but it might work for you! :)
(some of my friends said that they love this product tho!)

AVENE Eau Thermale Spring Water

well, as you guys know already, my Auntie loves this spray soooo muchhh!
her family all have been using it for years now, they used to stocked up on these when they went to Singapore (coz I heard that it's cheaper there, and you can get a good deal when you buy a certain amount)

hands down guys...

it's the best Mist everrrr!

I love how it look, the packaging, the sensation when you spray it to your face, it gives you that cooling effect and it is super refreshing!

it doesn't breaks me out at all, I always use it whenever I feel hot and humid

it's so good guys, trust me... <3<3

so that's it for my review, I'll see you on the next one!



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kalian tau ga sih skin care itu penting banget buat kulit kita?

dari sekian banyak produk kecantikan dari Korea Selatan, INNISFREE menjadi salah satu brand yang paling terkenal!

aku dari dulu memang udah suka banget dengan kosmetik-kosmetik dari Innisfree, terutama lip tintnya <3

selain makeupnya, produk skin carenya juga terkenal banget loh!
salah satunya rangkaian GREEN TEA-nya~

sebelumnya, aku udah pernah sekali pakai skin care dari innisfree, yang sabun cuci mukanya, tapi aku ga suka banget karna bikin mukaku berjerawat parah :(

sejak saat itu aku agak trauma buat pake skin care dari innisfree, jadi aku cuma pake kosmetiknya aja.

nah, kali ini, aku dikirimin produk yang "katanya" bagus banget, dan one of their best seller.

hmm, karna sekarang mukaku lagi ga bermasalah, dan pas aku cari tau ini terbuat dari bahan alami, aku mutusin buat coba pake


HERMO ID X Maria Istella

12:36 AM

siapa sih yang ga suka korean makeup ?

jaman sekarang, banyak banget yang suka Korea, apalagi di kalangan anak muda

di internet juga udah banyak yang jual segala pernak pernik dari Korea, mulai dari baju, barang-barang K-pop sampai dengan makeup

tapi sayangnya, banyak yang menjual barang palsu :(

tapi sekarang ga usah khawatir lagi, sekarang sudah banyak website-website official yang menjual produk asli dari Korea, salah satunya HERMO 

HERMO adalah salah satu website yang berasal dari Malaysia, yang menjual produk-produk original dari Korea!

body spray

[REVIEW] VITALIS Fragrance Body Spray

1:13 AM

hello fellas! sorry for the long waitttt

aku emang akhir-akhir ini lagi sibuk bangetttt
especially pas kemarin teman-temanku dari Korea dateng berkunjung ke Indonesia huhu
(buat yang follow aku di IG pasti liat dong insta storiesku ?) haha

anyway, hari ini aku mau kenalin ni ke kalian, body spray yang akhir-akhir ini sering aku pakai!