shopping with [bahasa]

10:45 PM

pernah ga sih kalian pengen beli makeup di online tapi takut sama keasliannya ?

aku sering banget kayak gitu loh~
harga mahal bukan menjamin barang itu asli
apalagi kalau harganya jauh lebih murah dari harga asli di counter
patut di pertanyakan juga tuh... hmm..

dimana sih website atau tempat belanja yang aman dan bebas dari *FAKE* produk ? solusinya~

sebenernya aku sudah tau website ini cukup lama
dulu salah satu temanku pernah suruh aku belanja di situ karena barangnya sudah terjamin asli dan berkualitas

MAKEUPADDICT ini adalah website yang menjual produk produk luar dengan harga yang bersaing
dan yang pastinya semua produk yang mereka jual asli

produk produk yang mereka jual adalah produk dari brand Absolute NewYork, BYS, The Balm, VOV dan STUDIOMAKEUP


getting my last lift done at Brie Studio [bahasa]

6:18 PM

halo semua !

balik lagi sama aku!

hari ini aku mau share pengalamanku bersama Brie Studio...
nahh Brie studio itu menyediakan apa aja sih ?

Brie studio menyediakan jasa :
- sulam alis
- shading
- misty powder
- sulam bibir
- wave perm lash
- bridal & party makeup

nahh, yang aku pilih kali ini adalah wave perm lash
dimana bulu mataku di "perm" supaya lebih lentik

bulu mata asliku panjang dan cukup tebal, tapi ga lentik
makanya, pas clozette nawarin untuk coba lash perm di Brie Studio, aku langsung mau


skin care routine X WishTrend

11:06 AM

a good makeup would make you look pretty
but you gotta have a good base for your makeup to look nicer
having a good skin is a dream to every girls~

who doesn't want a good flawless healthy looking skin ?
skincare is the key~~

now I'm gonna share with you my daily skin care routine to maintain a healthy skin:)

what products do I use ?

first of all, let me tell you my skin condition and my skin type

so, luckly I was born with a non sensitive skin, I don't break out easily even if I change my face wash and so

but I do get a few bumps around my forehead and my chin
and it's basically caused by my bangs, I used to have bangs since I was in the kindergarten until I was in high school

people said "you should get off your bangs to avoid pimples"
and I believe that words

now let's get into my skincare routine shall we ??


5 Basic Tips you need to know before visiting South Korea

3:47 AM

what's up y'all !

I'm finally back from my short holiday

as you guys may know from my INSTAGRAM
I went to Korea for about 10 days and just got back last week

it was my second time going there and it was such an awesome trip
it didn't feel like a trip at all coz it was the first time I planned a trip by myself

it was a 10 days trip, should be 14 days but I got a problem with my VISA so unfortunately I need to buy a new flight ticket for me and my family. sucks... i know...

anyways, I went there with my mom, dad and my sis
my mom and dad went back first on May 8th meanwhile me and my sis extended our stay until May 14th

fyi, the following tips are going to be the one that I think works for me!

now, let's jump in to the tip number 1! ^_^


Ombre Lips with MIZZU Cosmetics

6:35 PM

have you tried Ombre lips before ?

Ombre lips can emphasize your makeup even more

Ombre lips are actually a huge trend!

bold makeup with strong lips ? or subtle makeup with a natural healthy looking lips ?
you choose !

there are severals ombre lips that you can make, from glossy to matte

my fave ? matte of course~

so last week, I got invited by CLOZETTE ID to attend MIZZU COSMETIC event. so basically we were explained about MIZZU's products, and also we got the chance to made our own lipmatte color! how cool was that ?!