[event report] VOTRE PEAU launching

11:56 PM

hellooo, I'm back with another event report and this time is the launching of local brand called Votre Peau. The brand itself was made in Indonesia with ingredients from France. Votre Peau means "your skin" in French. It was produced in Indonesia with imported ingredients from France. It was made to suits our skin whos living in a tropical country. So I believe that it is very suitable for Indonesian skin as it was a special made with natural ingredients as well.

the launching event was held in a private room at Galeries Lafayette Pacific Place. it was full of beauty enthusiast, including me, media, and my fellow bloggers. The most exciting part of every event is that you can get new knowledge and you get to meet new people in the same industry.
also every event is a little reunion among bloggers. teehee...


hair care routine ft. TESCOM [bahasa]

6:08 AM

hi kak, gimana sih kakak styling rambut kakak ?
dan gimana sih kak biar rambutnya ga rusak ? padahal sering di warnain

aku sering banget dapat pertanyaan-pertanyaan kayak gini

nah, perawatan rambut emang penting banget dan harus kita jaga
ga lupa pula alat-alat yang di pakai juga ga boleh sembarangan loh

aku mau racun dikit niiii :p



10:56 AM

what's up guys,
balik lagi sama aku, hmm
di sini siapa aja sih yang pakai lensa ?

kalian tau ga sih mata kalian tuh harus di jaga selain dari sinar UV, tapi dari sinar infrared juga !

tau ga kalau lensa-lensa yang kalian pakai itu gaada penghalang infrarednya ?
yang which is bisa bahaya buat mata kalian X(

aku mau kenalin ke kalian EXCELLENZ, brand lensa baru yang mampu menempatkan dirinya di barisan paling depan produsen lensa dengan menghadirkan satu-satunya lensa yang mampu melindungi mata dari sinar infra merah!

EXCELLENZ menjadi satu-satunya brand lensa pertama di dunia yang bisa melindungi mata dari sinar infrared ! WOW !